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Let's Talk Business

We offer a lifestyle business opportunity selling Annique Health & Beauty products

Do you have an existing business and want to introduce new products to enhance your existing product and services offerings?

Or, maybe you've been dreaming about starting a business or a side-line business of your own, but you don't have any experience or any 'extra money lying around'.

You bring your time and dedication to reach your goals and I'll bring you the training to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Consider partnering with me and joining Annique as a Consultant.

Let's connect. I would love to hear from you.

Sanelda xoxo

  • Products People Trust & Love

  • Risk Free & No Joining Fee

  • Changing Lives Since 1971

  • Over 200 Products available to Sell

Partner with us

Partnering with us means you'll have over 200 Rooibos Based Health & Beauty products you can introduce into your business to help you compliment and add to your current product and service offerings.

  • Receive an immediate 20% discount on all products. Earn up to 40% discount by selling more
  • Receive up to 65% discount on Starter Packs. No obligation
  • Receive a product with every order over R500 during your first 4 months. Then, during month 5-7 you can earn Product Vouchers to the value of R3 900.
  • Buy selected product monthly at a huge discount.
  • Expand and receive 3% - 6% discount on your group sales
  • Risk Free - no need to carry stock

        annique rooibos

        Fits your Business

        • Place orders directly on the Annique 'always-open-online-store'
        • No minimum order amounts
        • No need to keep stock
        • Training is free and include Online, Social Media and Digital Sale
        • Annique loves to encourage and empower


        Different ways to join the Annique Family

        • VIP Member

          Buy for yourself and maybe for a few friends and receive an immediate 20% discount.

          This is a consultant who has all the benefits and discounts, but without any targets.

        • Seller

          If you love health & beauty, you’re in the right place.

          Distribute and sell the products and make an immediate profit.

          The more you sell, the more you earn.

        • Business Builder

          Combine your passion for health & beauty with a purpose for building a business.

          Sell the products, empower others and invite people to join Annique.

          You can work towards cash bonuses and qualify for overseas trips.

        Real stories from everyday people explaining why they chose to join Annique

        Why now?

        The world is changing, our habits are re-shaping, social businesses are booming, health and wellness matters and there has been a shift to 'clean beauty' and natural skin care that deliver results.

        It is possible to work from anywhere, you just need data and a phone.

        Be the best version of yourself

        Take responsibility for your life –do it your way, be who you are, do not become what others want you to be.

        A sure way to flourish is to be your own boss and to become financially independent.

        "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

        - Sean Patrick Flannery -