This is how 12 000 South Africans already changed their lives.

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  • Flexible

  • Earn an income while helping others

  • On your own terms

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Become a Health & Beauty Entrepreneur

"I joined Annique Rooibos as the solution to a problem: Earning more so I can live the life I always wished I would.

I needed a business model to fit my dreams and lifestyle. I had no clients, no experience in sales and no 'extra money lying around'.

But see, this is the thing about dreams, we would not have that dream if we did not have what it takes to make it happen and today I have a successful, growing business that is sustainable, simple and financially rewarding.

What I do?

I help people to switch to natural, locally developed products that people love.

Let's connect, I would love to partner with you and help you do the same."

Sanelda xoxo

  • Risk Free & No Joining Fee

  • Products People Trust & Love

  • Changing Lives Since 1971

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The Annique Opportunity

Annique Rooibos is more than just a health and beauty brand, their direct selling business model bring Rooibos products to customers through a network of Consultants from school teachers to students, men to women, professionals to pensioners, stay at home moms to working moms. YES! Regular people like you and me!

  • Consultants receive an immediate 20% discount on all products. Earn up to 40% discount by selling more
  • Receive up to 65% discount on Starter Packs. No obligation
  • You will receive a product with every order over R500 during your first 4 months. Then, during month 5-7 you can earn Product Vouchers to the value of R3 900.
  • Every month you can buy selected product/s at a huge discount.
  • Expand and receive 3% - 6% discount on your group sales

          annique rooibos

          Fits your lifestyle

          • Work whenever, wherever it suits you
          • Do it full-time or on the side while having a full-time job
          • You determine the rate and speed at which you grow and your level of commitment
          • Place orders directly on the Annique 'always-open-online-store'

          annique rooibos

          Helps you be who you want to be

          • Training is free and include Online, Social Media and Digital Sales
          • You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself
          • Annique loves to encourage and empower

          With Annique Rooibos you can

          Grow your own way

          • It is simple, the minimum you'll need is your phone, data and access to WhatsApp, Email, Google
          • As you grow your skills and knowledge, you might feel that you want more. Expand to new areas and people
          START TODAY!

          Real stories from everyday people explaining why they chose to join Annique

          Why now?

          The world is changing, our habits are re-shaping, social businesses are booming, health and wellness matters and there has been a shift to 'clean beauty' and natural skin care that deliver results.

          It is possible to work from anywhere, you just need data and a phone.

          Be the best version of yourself

          Take responsibility for your life –do it your way, be who you are, do not become what others want you to be.

          A sure way to flourish is to be your own boss and to become financially independent.