ANNIQUE Exclusive Offers October 2021

ANNIQUE Exclusive Offers October 2021

ANNIQUE specials this month will not disappoint!

Our gorgeous new summer gifting range is here - Rooibos Retreat! Exactly what you need for that relaxing home spa experience.

Self care is an important tool to help you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. If you feel stressed, unable to concentrate, unhappy and lethargic this might just be the thing to help you to deal with the stressors of everyday life.

"On the Resque side of things" there is old time favourites that came back and NEW favourites that arrived.  Every single household needs the Resque range products in their first aid kits, and in handbags.  If you love the Resque Crème, who doesn't?, then make sure you get your hands on the Upsize that is on special this month.

I am still in the process of loading all the products so if you find that a product you are looking for is not on my online store, contact me at or 083 232 9567 and I will arrange for availability. 

Stay happy and healthy!

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