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Festive Season Survival Guide

It’s here! After a long, difficult year it’s finally time to take a break, sit back, relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while eating, drinking, and being merry! And while you’re following a different routine – staying up later, indulging a bit more – we have all you need to ensure you look and feel your best well into the new year.



Have your locks lost their luster? Stress, diet, and even certain styling techniques can all contribute to hair loss. Luckily, there are a few Annique products and supplements that can help.

Hair Nutrition+

  • An all-in-one vitamin complex that nourishes and revitalises scalp and hair
  • Vitamins E, C, B3, B5 and B6 protect against hair loss, rejuvenate lifeless hair and improve shine
  • Keracyn™ protects and repairs damage to hair caused by environmental factors


  • A complex formulation of vitamins and minerals to assist thinning hair
  • Improves hair growth, lustre and condition



‘Tis the season to… reduce stress. With the endless amount of shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining, it’s no wonder stress abounds this time of year. Stress can also restrict the blood supply to your skin, which means less supply of oxygen, resulting in tired and dull-looking skin.

Enzymatic Exfoliator

  • Fruit enzymes and bamboo beads gently exfoliate
  • Rooibos calms skin
  • Bi-weekly exfoliation removes dead skin cells that clog pores


  • Contains essential B vitamins and phospholipids to help calm and relax the body
  • Aids in improving memory, mood and your ability to cope



The holidays can be a tough time for your gut as the rich foods, late nights and busy days can all take a toll on your gut microbiome. Additionally, an unhealthy gut can affect your skin, resulting in eczema and inflammation.

Resque Crème

  • Rooibos contains powerful anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Sodium hyaluronate is a gentle ingredient that is safe to use on sensitive and severely dry skin
  • Helps alleviate eczema, irritated skin and rashes


  • Helps to take care of digestive problems caused by eating foreign foods and overindulging
  • Helps sort IBS, indigestion, bloating, cramps and upset tummy



Whether you are soaking up the sun or drinking well-deserved cocktails, dehydration can cause numerous health and skin issues.

Liquid Skin Nutrition

  • A multivitamin-enriched spray that contains essential nutrients that help to support the skin in its own natural healing and regeneration process
  • Essential oil from the marula fruit provides natural antiseptic properties and helps prevent dryness, thereby improving skin suppleness
  • Helps moisturise and support a healthy skin and soothe sunburn

Annique Herbal Teas

  • Perfect thirst-quenching, health-promoting beverages
  • Delicious hot or as an iced tea
  • Contains high-quality Rooibos
  • Anti-spasmodic, anticancer, anti-diabetes, antistress benefits



Beauty blunders are bound to happen during the holidays as excessive amounts of sugar and alcohol paired with less than optimal skincare routines cause your skin to retaliate.

Skin Detox

  • Tiger’s Herb clears out toxins, speeds up skin healing, and enhances skin’s elasticity
  • Macadamia nut oil has healing properties
  • Vitamins A and E are known for their ability to heal and regenerate skin


  • Contains Absorbatox™, which is a super-mop that helps you naturally get rid of toxins
  • Adsorbs toxins, changing their molecular structure and rendering them harmless, after which the body removes it naturally
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