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So what does Rooibos really do for your skin?

Rejuvenate dull skin.

Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants that repair cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

Slow the signs of ageing.

Rooibos reduces wrinkles and boosts the production of healthy skin cells, due to an abundance of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase contained in the tisane, which is an effective anti-ageing substance.

Keep acne under control.

In addition to the Rooibos’ anti-inflammatory response, it contains antibacterial properties that will help fight acne.

Stop eczema in its tracks.

The high flavonoid levels in Rooibos can help to improve skin disorders like eczema. Rooibos’ natural anti-inflammatory properties will help to soothe and relieve inflamed skin.

Protect your skin.

Research shows that Rooibos has anti-tumour and photoprotective properties to help prevent skin cancer.

Hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Drinking Rooibos throughout the day will help keep your skin hydrated. The high concentration of polyphenolic compounds (micronutrients) in Rooibos is what makes it so sought-after as a health and beauty enhancer. Polyphenols act as antioxidants that protect the body against inflammation. It neutralises harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage cells and cause premature ageing. Drinking Rooibos should form part of your daily beauty routine.